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Masquerade(Bunny black)


[ SALE : ~ 12th July 24:00 (KST time) ]


This is 1/3 size doll mask 'Masquerade Bunny black'.
Please read it before you order.

It's resin mask for 1/3 size doll, for 8~9 inches head.
I made it for Soom Idealian doll originally. so some heads can't wear it.



(For example, I tried to my dolls. I hope this helps you)

Soom Idealian Zak, Hyperon, Void, River, Gluino, Tei, Sulivan, Volks Claude, Volks Lady Oscar, Pygmalion Ha, Iplehouse Rexy, Iplehouse Leonard, Little Monica Sophia


[Can't wear]
Volks Pearl, Volks FCS73, Volks Beth March, Volks Le Petit Frere, Volks Megu


[Barely wear]
Switch Soseo


+ I'm sorry I can't answer to which doll head can or can't wear this mask.

I overcoated with black urethane paint.
It's hard coating, but it can be damaged. so please be careful when you handle.

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